Welcome 2 The REAL World

Start Your Own Business

We teach you how to start and run your own profitable business and even provide the product!  You can start a lucrative business and earn a good income. Should you wish to, you may continue with the business upon conclusion of the year.

  • Week 1: Orientation
    • Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • How to draw up a business plan
    • The necessary product knowledge
  • For the next 3 weeks: For Homework: 
    • Write a business plan
    • Design your own branding
    • Draw up a marketing plan
    • Study the product knowledge provided
  • Week 4: You will do a presentation on:
    • Business plan
    • Marketing plan
    • Branding
    • Product knowledge gained
    • If your presentation is satisfactory, we will provide you with product on consignment to start your business
  • For the next 2 weeks: For Homework:
    • Develop an action plan based on your business and marketing plans to start selling the product
  • Week 7: Coaching Session:
    • We check on your action steps
    • Set goals for your business and sales targets
    • Training on sales touch points in your business
  • Weeks 8 – 14: Coaching Sessions every second week to assess:
    • Sales targets
    • Celebrating successes
    • Learning from blind spots and missed business opportunities
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